These fun fruit snacks are full of REAL berries and bananas! With fruity island flavor, the STRAWBERRY BANANA bites deliver deliciousness and are only 40 calories or less per tray.

These delicious SOUR APPLE bites give snack time a mouthful of attitude. Free of the Big 8 Food Allergens and with the same fiber as an apple, they’re the new way to eat an apple a day!

Real berries and fruit flavors mix up snack time with a pop of FUN—plus the same fiber as an apple and as much Vitamin C as an orange. When you open up MIXED BERRY bites, snack time becomes play time!

Take your taste buds on a vacation with a breezy burst of delicious orange! The tangy TROPICAL ORANGE bites are made with real fruit purees and concentrates–making this one Vitamin C delivery system you're sure to find appealing.

When did this become a banana split?
Who you callin’ sour?
I’m berry, berry good for you.
Orange you happy to see me?

Available in the cut fruit section. Each tray contains seven gluten-free bites, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Just toss it into a lunch bag and pull back the plastic seal when it’s time to eat! No washing, no baggies, no hassle.

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